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About the Boat

JY understands the weekend warrior in you. You don't have the time to tinker with a boat...or train 7 days a week. You want to launch your boat and go...and be a contender. With the JY15...the boat you buy is the boat you race...and because the JY15 is  fun, and easy to sail, finding crew is a breeze.

Look around you right now...your crew could be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children or grandchildren. And boy, will they love our crew friendly curves with gunwales designed for comfortable hiking.

With over 80 active fleets and more than 3,300 JY15s nationwide since 1989, you'll never have a problem finding someone to play with.

Nickels Boat Works, Inc

Good News!

The Class held a vote at our Annual Class meeting, held during the North Americans at

Rochester Canoe Club last month. We voted to allow the JY15 to be built out of

fiberglass. As most of you may know, Hunter ceased building JY15’s out of

thermoformed ABS plastic about a year and a half ago. Since then there has been much

discussion amongst the Executive Board as to what we as a Class should do next. Finding

a thermoforming company with the right equipment to build new boats just wasn’t

working out. Therefore, we looked into fiberglass builders. Nickels Boat Works, in Flint

Michigan responded with great interest in building new JY15’s out of glass. Nickels

Boats are world renowned in their quality of build and longevity. They build Lightnings,

Buccaneers, Mutineers, Rebels and Snipes. Check them out at www.nickelsboats.com.

JY 15 Features:

  • Self-bailing, ergo dynamic cockpit
  • Kick up rudder and centerboard for easy beaching
  • An extremely stable 275 lb. hull that allows for a greater range of crew weight
  • Flared sides provide a comfortable hiking edge
  • One Design specifications ensure that every boat is the same
  • A planing hull that you'll never outgrow
  • Air tight hull that provides over 1000 lbs. of positive flotation


  • Length: 15'
  • Beam: 5'10"
  • Hull Weight: 275 lbs.

Sail Area:

  •  Main: 100 sq. ft.
  • Jib: 35 sq. ft.
  • Mast Height: 22'

Designer: Rod Johnstone


JY15 Complete with everything you need to be a contender $8095.00*

  • North Sails Main and Jib                                                                      
  • JY15 Padded Hiking Straps
  • Harken Hardware
  • Running Rigging

Fully galvanized model specific trailer available for $1450.00*

*Price current as of 12/1/2014, please check www.nickelsboats.com for current pricing.


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